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Choosing the right team is paramount and yet how do you know who to choose? Likewise, we choose the clients we work with. We prefer to work with people who are committed, like to collaborate closely and are in this for the long haul."

Patrick Heathcock

Patrick Heathcock is an experienced web developer and SEO strategist. He has been building and developing websites for many years and moved into SEO when he saw that his clients needed more than just a great website to make the most of the opportunities offered by the web. He works mostly with small to medium sized businesses in South Africa but also works closely with international clients in China and the USA.

Kit Heathcock

Kit Heathcock is a freelance writer and blogger, who has honed her skills in SEO content creation and crafts engaging content for websites, blogs and articles.She started off in editing and proofreading and still wages a war on the improper use it’s and suchlike spelling catastrophes!

A selected team of freelance writers and programmers provides niche skills and specialist knowledge as and when required.


"Listen well, communicate well and offer up good ideas generously without ego. Teamwork ..."