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Social media: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest

Social media

Is your business on Facebook, or Twitter? Do you have a Pinterest account? Are you connecting effectively with new clients on LinkedIn? Or are you slightly freaked out by all the social media out there?


Let us help you to start the conversation with your client base using the most popular social media platforms available: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

What we recommend

  1. Let us set up a BLOG (if you haven't already got one) hosted on your site "/blog" (you can call the blog page what you like) and we'll call you each week to get ideas for posts.
  2. We'll then take that blog post and place it on Facebook with a few customisations
  3. We'll tweet about the post
  4. And place an image from the post on Pinterest as well

Viral conversations

There are a number of ways to get people talking about you and your product. The most obvious is to run promotions but always be aware of your target market.

Everyone and their dog seem to be giving away iPads these days to promote their Facebook Fan Pages.

If you did the same would that promotion increase your target market?

If not then don't run that kind of promotion.

Target your market

"Tweet, Twit, Twitter, Facebook, Link, LinkedIn, Pin, Pinterest ... Social media!"