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SEO training

SEO Training

Train yourself in SEO! This is a good and sustainable alternative to getting an outside company to do the work for you. SEO work never stops. Once you climb the rankings to the 1st page on Google you have maintain that position. Come and learn how.


There are two distinct areas that require work on websites vis á vis SEO:

  1. On-Site
    • keyword research
    • "title" tags
    • "meta" tags
    • etc.
  2. Off-Site
    • inbound links
    • social media - Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest

There is a lot to learn and a lot to keep up with over time. Sustainability is the key. Can you actually keep up with all your goals over time?


Be pragmatic and realistic.

Set goals which are achievable and progress slowly and steadily. The internet works in slow cycles. There is no rush. If you need to rush there other tools like Pay-Per-Click which you can use to get instant traffic.

Training courses
Cost per hour

"Patience, diligence, attention to detail and a passion for the internet ... All good SEOs have these qualities."