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Search Engine Optimisation Services (SEO)

Search engine optimisation services, Cape Town

Each business is unique and your SEO campaign will be tailored to your needs.
We make an in depth assessment of your site, talk to you about your business and work out the best plan for you.

Keyword research

Keywords are vital to good SEO. We research the keywords that people are using to search for the services you offer, along with the statistics, and select the keywords that will work best for you.

ON-SITE: website optimization

The first stage is to set up your website with a solid search engine-friendly foundation.This includes back-end work on the structure of the website, as well as working on the content.

OFF-SITE: content creation

Search engine rankings depend on the number of outside links there are to your website, the more inbound links there are the more relevant Google considers your website. The links must be relevant and attached to good quality content to have a positive effect.

We write and position articles and blog posts that include these links as an ongoing part of your SEO Campaign.

PPC: Pay Per Click Campaigns

Pay per click advertising brings targeted customers to your website in a campaign based on your chosen keywords where you pay a small amount for each click through. Great for immediate measurable results (ROI) if well managed.

Social Media

Social media is fast becoming an essential part of business marketing. We can help you set up your Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and Pinterest profiles. If you don’t have time to manage them yourself we can keep them active for you.

Whitehat promise
Our white hat is at your service.

Good SEO practises are too important today. Google is increasingly harsh and punitive with sites that do not display good structures and good linking policies.

"SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the application of focus over an extended period, supported by creativity, imagination and LOTS of keyword research ..."