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How do I get my site on Google?

How do I get my site on Google?

How to get your site onto Google and ranking well isn't a trade secret. There's a truck load of information about "what to do" and "what not to do". Too much information in fact ... Aaaargh!

Where to start

Build your website in a manner that Google has something to work with. Our SEO services can help you with structuring your website optimally for the search engines. Good, easy to navigate web design is essential.

Write great content

Write great content. Google likes words. A little bit of quality content, especially text, on every page goes a long way. Images are good too as emotional fillers, but remember, Google can't read the text in an image. Use our content creation services to write great web pages, blog posts and articles for your site.

Inbound links

Get only good quality contextual links to your site from people within your sector or a related sector. These days less is definitely more!

Social media

Link your website to all the popular social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest ... They're extremely important today as a means to get a dialogue going with your clients.

Our goal is to help you to start right

We're here to help. Let's manage the process for you or advise you as you go. It is pointless to start by ignoring SEO at the site build stage and then come back later and try to fix the problems.

Consult, consult, consult ...

Looking for #1
How do I get my site to rank #1 on Google?

Perfection is searching on Google and seeing your site come up in first place, Google Ranking #1, on the first page of search results.

Realistic Expectations

#1 is hard to achieve. It takes lots hard work and dedication over an extended period for highly competitive terms to achieve this ranking but 1st page Rankings, in the Top 10 but below the top 3, on the other hand are far more achievable and also very worthwhile in terms of traffic and possible conversions.

"SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the application of focus over an extended period, supported by creativity, imagination and LOTS of keyword research ..."